How is Osteopathy different than any other form of care?

Osteopathic Manual Medicine does not require a diagnosed disease to be present in order to be effective as a form of healthcare. The Osteopathic philosophy is that the human body is a self-regulatory mechanism; able to regulate and repair itself, and one which will do its best when optimal movement and blood-flow are present. Prevention is a key element of Osteopathic philosophy, which recognizes that the body is best able to adapt to its environment and recover from injury or illness when musculoskeletal movement, respiration and circulation are optimized.


What is the difference between an Osteopathic Physician and a Non-Physician Osteopath?

Although the roots of Osteopathic Medicine began in the United States in 1874, Osteopathic Medicine has undergone many changes over the years, splitting into two separate categories, one for Osteopaths trained in the U.S., and one for Osteopaths trained abroad. In the United States, Osteopathic Physicians are fully trained primary care Physicians, licensed to practice all branches of Medicine and Surgery. Non-Physician Osteopaths are trained in the traditional branch of Osteopathy, choosing to use their hands to restore health through corrective manipulative techniques called Osteopathic Manual Medicine. Non-Physician Osteopaths do not prescribe medicine or have hospital rights like their U.S. trained peers. Non-Physician Osteopaths train in all areas of Anatomy, Physiology, Neurology, Biology, Pathology, Manipulative and Neuromuscular Medicine.


What kind of Osteopath are you?

I’m a Canadian Trained, Non-Physician Osteopath.


What is your Specialty?

I’m trained to provide Osteopathic evaluation and Osteopathic Manual Medicine and Neuromuscular Medicine treatments for a variety of Somatic and Visceral disorders.


Who can benefit from Osteopathic Manual Medicine (OMM)?

Anyone interested in improving their general health through the restoration of movement and function of the musculoskeletal, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, metabolic, hormonal or autonomic nervous systems.


What can I expect in a treatment?

Each treatment, lasting approximately one hour, consists of a review of your general health history, health complaints, Osteopathic evaluation and hands-on manual treatment. Treatment may include specific advice on lifestyle modification, suggested nutritional support, education in self-care, as well as detailed video instruction to aid you in the process of restoring your health.


How often do I need to be seen to see improvement?

My goal is to find answers and solutions to complex symptoms and to transition each patient into a state of independence as quickly as possible. Because of the multi-dimensional approach of Osteopathy, most patient’s will yield significant improvement from the first visit. From this point forward, based on your personal health status and challenges, each subsequent visit will help me better understand more about how to reinforce the healing process for you. The best way to do this is to follow-up once a week during the first three weeks of care. This will allow for the best understanding of your body’s ability to adapt to the treatments, and for me to best guide you into a self-care protocol designed specifically for you. After three weeks, treatment is usually spread out to twice a month for 60 days with the goal of canceling all unneeded appointments as quickly as possible.


Do I bill insurance?

I provide a super-bill with insurance codes as a receipt following each treatment. You may submit this to your insurance company and pursue reimbursement privately. As all insurance companies have their own rules and contracts, I do not bill or work directly with any insurance companies.


What are the costs?

Please contact Darlene to discuss my fee schedule.


How do I make an appointment?

Contact my receptionist Darlene at 415-747-7298 or email her directly at info@nullsethlinn.com


Where is the clinic located?

I have two clinical practices: one based in Mill Valley, CA and the other based in Sacramento, CA. Treatment is offered by appointment only. Please contact Darlene at (415) 747-7298 to schedule your appointment.