Biodynamic Osteopathy views the body as a whole; no body part is any more or less important than another, and all are part of a larger field of life. Biodynamic Osteopathy emphasizes that every individual structure must be communicating as a “breath of life” in order for whole body health to be expressed in it’s absolute potential. During the course of an Osteopathic treatment, or over the course of rehabilitative care, once all the mechanisms of the body are repositioned correctly, timed and tuned in accordance with the blueprint of life and design, we are better able to express our entirety “as-intended” ; without impedance or inertia from outside sources. When a body has experienced injuries or illnesses that effect body, mind or spirit, whether weeks, months or years previously, the area of our body impacted or affected becomes dense or restricted and can therefore no longer adapt easily to external stresses. It is then rendered vulnerable and in need of protection, becoming prone to further injury or recurrent illness. Biodynamic Osteopathy works to encourage the expression of motions with-in the blueprint of life that enables the whole body to breathe as one unit, remembering the inherent health that existed prior to any injury or illness, and therefore, to respond appropriately to the demands placed upon it. The treatment is gentle but works on a deep level, assisting the body to take a step back towards the memory of it’s health and it’s perfect blueprint. The biodynamic field of life expresses itself as a light immeasurable in terms of spirit and the free expression of human health, vibrancy and persistence.